CAD Complaint Table
Description of CAD complaint types
Code   Description
911 Hang Up 911 Hang Up Call
AdminService Administrative Services - Miscellaneous
AircraftDown Aircraft Down
AlarmBank Bank Alarm - Security
AlarmBusines Business Burglary Alarm
AlarmFire Fire Alarm (Business or Residential)
AlarmHoldup Holdup Alarm
AlarmMedical Medical Alarm
AlarmPanic Panic Alarm
AlarmResiden Residential Burglary Alarm
AlarmVehicle Vehicle Alarm
Alert 1 Alert One - Aircraft Enroute With Possible Difficulties
Alert 2 Alert Two - Definite Problem Aircraft Enroute To Airport
Alert 3 Alert Three - Aircraft Down At Airport
AlertMessage Alert Message
Altercation Altercation
Anaphylactic Anaphylactic Reaction
AnimalContro Animal Control
AnimalCruel Animal Cruelty
ArmedRob Armed Robbery
Arraignment Arraignment Detail
Assault Assault (Can Include Sexual Assault)
AssistOther Assist Other Agency
AttemptSuic Attempted Suicide
AutoPedEnt Auto-Pedestrian With Entrapment
AutoPedest Auto-Pedestrian Accident
BankEscort Bank Escort
BarkingDog Barking Dog Complaint
Battery Battery Complaint
BldCollM Building Collapse Multiple Company Response
BldCollS Building Collapse - Single Company Response
BombThreat Bomb Threat
Brandishing Brandishing Complaint
Break&Enter Breaking And Entering
BreakAuto Breaking & Entering Into A Vehicle
BrushFire Brush Fire
BrushFireExp Brush Fire With Exposures
BrushFireInj Brush Fire With Injuries
Burglary House Burglary
CallOut Bureau Employee Call Out - Shift Shortages
CarbonMon1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm No Patients
CarbonMon2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Patients Out Of Residence
CarbonMon3 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Patients Inside Residence
Cardiac Cardiac
CardiacArres Cardiac Arrest
CarFire Car Fire
CarFireExp Car Fire With Exposures
Cell Hangup Cell Phone Hang Up
Checkpoint DUI Checkpoint
CheckWelfare Check On Welfare
ChemicalFire Chemical Fire
ChemSpill Chemical Spill
ChestPains Chest Pains
ChildAbuse Child Abuse
ChildCustody Child Custody Dispute
ChildNeglect Child Neglect
Choking Choking
CivilSvc Civil Service Papers - Domestic Violence Orders
CommerFire Commercial Facility Fire
CommService Notifications (DOH, Public Works, etc.)
Contributing Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor
CVA CVA - Stroke
DestOfProp Destruction Of Property
Diabetic Diabetic
Disturbance General Disturbance
Domestic Domestic Violence
DOS Patient Found Deceased
DrowningIn Drowning - Patient Still In The Water
DrowningOut Drowning - Patient Out Of The Water
DUI Driving Under The Influence
DumpFireExp Dumpster Fire With Exposures
DumpsterFire Dumpster Fire
ElecFireExp Electrical Fire With Exposures
ElectricFire Electrical Fire
EmerNotif Emergency Notification
Escort Miscellaneous Law Enforcement Escort
FalsePreten Obtaining Property By False Pretenses
Fingerprint Fingerprinting
FireLaneChk Fire Lane Check For Parking Violations
Fireworks Fireworks Complaint
Flooding Non Structural Flooding
FloodStruct Structural Flooding
FollowUpInv Follow-Up Investigation
Forgery&Utt Forgery And Uttering
Fraud Fraud
FuelSpill Fuel Spill
FuneralEsc Funeral Escort
GasWellFire Gas Well Fire
GasWellFireE Gas Well Fire With Exposures
GenIllness General Illness
Harassment Harassment Incident
Hemo ALS Hemorrhage - Advanced Life Support
Hemo BLS Hemorrhage - Basic Life Support
HitAndRun Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Injuries
HomeConfine Home Confinement Detail
HotAirBalloo Hot Air Balloon Accident
HumaneComp Humane Complaint
IllegalBurn Illegal Burning
IllegalDump Illegal Dumping
IllegalHunt Illegal Hunting
IndecentExp Indecent Exposure
Intake Warrant Intake
InterHospit Inter-Hospital Transport
Invest Investigation (General)
Joyriding Joyriding Complaint
Kidnapping Kidnapping
LandingZone LZ Setup
Larceny Larceny
LeavingScene Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With No Injuries
LinesDown Power Lines Down
Livestock Livestock In Roadway
LoadingAssis Loading Assistance
Lockout Vehicle or Residential Lockout
LoudMusic Loud Music Complaint
MachineFire Small Equipment Fire - Lawnmowers, Tractors, etc.
MagPage Magistrate Page
ManDown Man Down
MedicAssist Paramedic Assistance
MentalSubj Mental Subject
MissingPers Missing Person
MotorAssist Motorist Assist
MotorcycleC Motorcycle Complaint
MotorcycleFE Motorcycle Fire With Exposures
MotorcycleFi Motorcycle Fire
Narcotics Narcotic Activity
NatGasLeak Natural Gas Leak
NAWAS Weather Alerts
NonEmerTrans Non-Emergency Transport
NursHomeFire Nursing Home Fire
NursingHomeF Nursing Home Fire With Exposures
Obstetrics Obstetrics (Pregnancies)
OdorInvest Odor Investigation
OutbldFire Outbuilding Fire
OutbldgFire Outbuilding Fire With Exposures
Overdose Overdose
ParkingComp Parking Complaint
PCIStandby EMS Standby at Medical Facility
PIA ALS Personal Injury Accident - ALS Patient
PIA BLS Personal Injury Accident - BLS Patient
Poisoning Poisoning
PowerFireExp Power Line Fire With Exposures
PowerLineFir Power Line Fire
PremisesChk Premises Check
PropertyDisp Dispute Over Property
Prowler Prowler Complaint
PublicIntox Public Intoxication
PubWorks Public Works Complaint
Pursuit Pursuit
RecklessDriv Reckless Driving
REPO Vehicle Repo
Rescue Rescue With Or Without Injuries
RescueEntrap Rescue With Or Without Injuries, With Entrapment
RoadLaw Road Law Violation
RoadwayObst Roadway Obstruction
Robbery Robbery
Runaway Runaway Juvenile
Seizures Seizures
Shooting Shooting
Shoplifting Shoplifting
ShortBreath Shortness Of Breath
ShotsFired Shots Fired
Skateboard Skateboarding Complaint
SmokeInvest Smoke Investigation
Stabbing Stabbing
Stalking Stalking
Standby EMS Standby
StorageCompl Storage Complaint - Vehicles Parking Complaints
StructFireEn Structure Fire With Entrapment
StructureFir Structure Fire (General)
Suicide Suicide - DOS
SusPerson Suspicious Person
SusVehicle Suspicious Vehicle
Test Test Record
Tobacco Underaged Use Of Tobacco Products
Traffic Stop Traffic Stop
TrafficComp Traffic Complaint
TrafficContr Traffic Control
Transfer Engine Transfer To Another Fire Department
Transport Transport
TrashFire Trash Fire
TrashFireExp Trash Fire With Exposures
TreeDown Tree Down
TreeFire Tree Fire
Trespassing Trespassing
TruckFire Truck Fire
TruckFireExp Truck Fire With Exposures
Unconscious Unconscious Patient
UndAgeDrink Under Aged Drinking
UnknownMed Unknown Medical Problem
UnkTypeFire Unknown Type Fire
UnloadAssist Unloading Assistance
Unresponsive Unresponsive Patient
Vandalism Vandalism
VehAcc Vehicle Accident
VehAccFirEnt Vehicle Accident With Injuries, Fire And Entrapment
VehAccHse Vehicle Accident Into A Residence With No Injuries
VehAccHseEnt Vehicle Accident Into A Residence With Injuries/Entrapment
VehAccInj Vehicle Accident With Injuries
VehAccInjEnt Vehicle Accident With Injuries And Entrapment
VehAccInjFir Vehicle Accident With Injuries And Fire
VehAccInjHse Vehicle Accident Into A Residence With Injuries
WarrantServ Warrant Service
WaterRescue Water Rescue Not Drowning Related
Wildlife DNR-Related Animal Control Complaints