Welcome Page

The Harrison County Bureau Of Emergency Services has a commitment to caring for the Media and the community which we serve. This section of our website was designed to further this goal.

If you must contact us for information regarding a call in progress, we ask that you wait at least 20 minutes from the time the incident started. For these and calls that are no longer in progress, we also ask that you be patient, because you may be placed on hold for an undetermined amount of time. In most cases, this is caused by activity in the Communications Room.

During an incident in progress, we may not have information to give you, other than the general dispatch details visible from the Recent CAD Calls link. We shall do our best to keep the call narrative accurate and up to date for the duration of the call.

The information contained on these pages is designed to direct and aid members of the Media in acquiring the information needed in order to inform the public as to the latest events.

Please remember that as a Media representative, it is your responsibility to verify all information displayed on these pages. You are encouraged to investigate and report any incidents you encounter and deem newsworthy on these pages.

The information provided on these pages can be explained by following the links contained on this portion of our website.